Cape Ceilings and Drywalling offer the highest quality craft at affordable prices. Our years of experience and passion for what we do have made us one of the most successful competitors on the market. Our experience has ensured our status as a market leader in this field. 


Cape Ceilings and Drywall Partitioning

Drywall Partitioning

Drywall Partitioning is a versatile, low-cost option for indoor renovations. Drywalling is popular in homes as well as office areas. One of the significant advantages is that we can create a room in one day. Most importantly, it will be cheaper than the cost of brick and mortar. Importantly Drywalling is low cost and can be removed or changed with ease. Plans are not needed for most Drywalling options.

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Isoboard Ceilings Fitted By Cape Ceilings and Partitions

Isoboard Ceilings

IsoBoard Ceilings are a high density, Extruded Polystyrene XPS rigid insulation board, having a 100% closed-cell structure. IsoBoard Ceilings have been tried and tested internationally since 1970 and manufactured in South Africa since 1995, using a fully automated extrusion process, following international specifications and standards.

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cape ceilings fitted Suspended Ceilings

Suspended Ceilings

There are two standard-sized Suspended Ceilings: 600 x 600 mm and 600 x 1200 mm size boards. The Suspended Ceiling grid is installed and wired to beams. Depending on the panel size selected, fit the suspended Ceiling between the suspended ceiling grid. Most importantly, install ceiling insulation above the ceiling boards for energy saving and soundproofing between offices.

Installing Suspended Ceilings is far more economical than the standard skim ceilings. We fit an office Suspended Ceiling in one day with minimal disruption. The application is neat and dust-free.

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Cape Ceilings and Drywall Partitioning

Gyproc RhinoBoard Ceilings

A standard ceiling in most homes is Gyproc board or RhinoBoard Ceiling Fitted and skimmed. These Ceiling boards are available in thickness from 6mm to 12.5mm. Additionally, the most commonly installed Fire Resistant Ceiling is Gypsum.

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Cape Ceilings and Drywalling Services

Our passion at Cape Ceilings and Drywalling is what we do—transforming your dream into reality. We have many years of experience in our field, offering the best pricing on the market.

  1. Drywalling: We create Drywall Partitioning for offices, spare bedrooms, shops and more.
  2. Isoboard Ceilings: We sell Isobord XPS ceilings as well as install them. If you want the best ceiling on the market, think Isoboard XPS. 
  3. Suspended Ceilings: Cape Ceilings and Drywall fit all types of suspended ceiling options.
  4. Thermal Insulation:  We install and supply Aerolite Insulation and Knauf Ecose Insulation in ceilings.
  5. Ceiling Vacuum: Our ceiling vacuum service is one of a kind. Our industrial vacuum machine stands outside the home with the pipes going into the roof space.