135mm Soft Touch Aerolite

The latest change to the Aerolite Insulation products is the most significant change in 30 years. The most significant change is the Insulation is now almost dust and itch-free. The fibre length has changed as well as the colour. The new 135mm Soft Touch Aerolite Insulation is soft and smooth to the touch, with the new colour being the original yellow with no dies or pigments. Importantly these changes have moved the Soft Touch Aerolite Insulation into a new dimension. Added to these changes is the unique manufacturing process that is TEL Fibreizing technology. It is the most advanced system on the planet, and it enhances the fibre structure to be even more efficient.

135mm Soft Touch Aerolite Insulation Benefits

The 135mm Soft Touch Aerolite is great for its Thermal Insulation benefits. It also has several advantages that will improve your lifestyle at home.

  1. Improves indoor temperature 5-8 degrees in summer and winter
  2. Save energy on heating and cooling by reducing the need for power with a more even temperature in the house
  3. Soft Touch Aerolite has great soundproofing benefits with an NRC 1.1 (Noise Reduction Coefficient)
  4. Aerolite does not sustain vermin
  5. SABS Approved
  6. SANS Compliant
  7. The only Thermal Insulation specified for Hospitals, Schools and Shopping Malls 
  8. Aerolite is Non combustible ( It Cant Burn )
  9. Lifespan 30 to 50 years
  10. Recover the cost of installing Aerolite in two to three years on energy saving alone

135mm Aerolite Insulation Applications 

  • It is installed into the roof space of domestic homes and offices, and hospitals.
  • We have fitted Soft Touch Aerolite in pubs and clubs to reduce the effect of noise pollution.
  • Fitted between floors to reduce impact noise 
  • Ideal for drywalling

135mm Soft Touch Aerolite Specifications