Attic Room

Attic Rooms

You may not know what an Attic Room is, or you may not know the difference between a finished and unfinished Attic. Attic Rooms are regarded as finished Attic. Adding an Attic can be a great place to store your belongings, or you can turn it into a livable space for an extra bedroom, office, or storage space. If you have an unfinished Attic, it can easily be turned into a finished Attic by adding Insulation, drywall, and flooring.  We add Attic Insulation for converting to extra living space.


Aerolite Insulation for loft rooms
Aerolite Insulation for loft rooms

Attic Rooms

Depending on the type of Attic (Unfinished or Finished), the application is different. If the Attic is used as a room, we must insulate the pitched section and the floor. So if you use the Attic space for storage only, the floor must be insulated.

Unfinished Attic Rooms (Storage Space)

In these applications, we install Insulation directly on the Ceiling. If the Attic has plywood boards fitted for packing in the roof space, we will need to lift the boards to fit the Attic Insulation on the Ceiling. The best Attic Insulation for this application will be the 135mm Aerolite Insulation or the 135mm Knauf Ecose Insulation. We only Install these two Thermal Insulation products because they are the highest grade of Eco-friendly Insulation and are super safe.

Insulation For Finished Attic Room

A finished Attic is a Room above the Ceiling in the roof space. Essentially the entire Attic space, including walls and Ceiling above. The side walls must be insulated with a high-grade Thermal Insulation like Aerolite or Knauf Ecose. Importantly we must also insulate the floor between the Ceiling and the floor. If we don’t insulate this area, we will have heat gain via the floor and noise from walking and taking in the Attic Area. However, in the walls or the Drywalling, we can fit either CavityBatt or CavityLite for noise and Heat reduction.


attic ladder
Loft ladder For Attic Space

Benefits of Attic Insulation

The rooms in homes with uninsulated Attic space are unusable in summer and winter. It is for this reason that an Attic Room must be well insulated. A well Insulated Loft Room is quiet and much cooler in summer and warmer in winter. In addition to improved indoor temperature, noise pollution does not affect these rooms.

Attic Insulation

For an Attic or Loft space, we do not agree with installing Cellulose or any blow-in type insulation. Firstly this type of Thermal Insulation has a bad fire rating of Class B/B 1/2. Combustible. Secondly, because Cellulose is manufactured from newspaper, it absorbs water. If your Ceiling or floor gets wet, there is a big chance of ceiling collapse. We insist on a roll-type Thermal Insulation that is non-combustible.

Attic Storage
Attic Storage

Attic Rooms Are Used For Many Applications

Attic space has many uses. Firstly the space can be used as a spare room. Secondly, this space is often used for home office or storage. However, many homeowners use the Attic space as a children’s playroom.

loft room Playroom conversion
Attic Playroom