Cavitybatt Insulation has been specially developed for steel frame structures, timber frame buildings and drywall systems. These products are manufactured using high-quality Glasswool and are glass tissue faced on one side for ease of handling and improved rigidity. Cavittybatt is manufactured in standard-sized batts, and Cavitylite comes in standard-sized rolls manufactured to standard grid system sizes to reduce wastage.

Cavitybatt Insulation

CavityBatt insulation is an insulation product designed specifically for drywalling. The insulation is fitted between the drywall partition panels. The insulation has a tissue facing on one side of the batt for added strength and support.  Cavitybatt is 1200mm x 600mm. And is, therefore, ideal to fit between the drywall uprights that are 600 between centres. Cavity wall insulation is available in 50mm/63mm and 102mm thicknesses.

Cavitybatt insulation
Cavitybatt Insulation

Cavitylite Insulation

  • Cavitylite insulation is also available in 50mm/63mm and 102mm drywalling.
  • The Insulation is the roll form option.
  • All Cavitylite rolls are 1200mm wide and 5,4m long.
  • The Insulation is perfect for drywalling, and the 1200mm roll is split at 600mm for fitment between the 600mm wide uprights.

Advantages Of CavityBatt Insulation

Firstly We should ideally install cavity wall insulation with all drywalling.

  • Reduce heat loss and gain on outside walls resulting in a cooler home or office.
  • Lifelong energy savings
  • Cavity wall insulation is ideal for office Boardrooms and doctors’ rooms where privacy is essential. The insulation has excellent acoustic properties.
  • Importantly Cavity Insulation is non-combustible Class A/A 1/1 and is specified in hospitals and schools.
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Maintenance-free
  • Long product life – will not readily age
  • Self-supporting – will not sag
  • Compression packed – to reduce volume and optimise transport and storage
  • High tear strength yet readily cut with a sharp blade 

Cavitybatt Insulation Environmentally Sustainable Insulation

  • Cavitybatt and Cavitylite insulation products are manufactured according to iso 14001:2004.
    Less material.
  • Less energy and fewer emissions with Zero ozone-depleting potential (ODP) with Zero global warming potential (GWP)


  •  Lifelong energy savings
  • Exceptional acoustic properties
  • Lightweight and easy to handle
  • Maintenance-free
  • Long product life – will not readily ag
  • Self-supporting – will not sag
  • Compression packed – to reduce volume and optimise transport and storage
  • High tear strength yet readily cut with a sharp blade.


  1. No Health Risk
  2. Non-combustible – tested to SANS 10177-5 w sAns 428 fire classification – A/A1/1
    wen 13501 fire classification – A1

Cavity Wall Thermal Insulation Benefits

Contributes to indoor comfort and lifelong energy savings by reducing heat loss/gain due to the inherent thermal insulation properties. A well-designed and insulated drywall system will offer the same or better thermal properties than a conventional brick-and-mortar construction.

Cavitylite  and Cavitybatt Acoustic Benefits

CavityBatt offers exceptional acoustic properties and enhances indoor environmental quality by absorption of noise. Cavityilite insulation reduces sound transmission to and from a room or building.


  • Steel frame buildings
  • Timber frame structures
  • Drywall systems
  • Designed for use in cavity walls but may effectively
  • Be used on top of ceilings, along the roofline, or within masonry wall cavities


  • Odourless, inert and fully compatible with all standard building materials and components
  • Will not promote corrosion of steel, copper or aluminium
  • Will not sustain vermin
  • Will not breed or promote fungi, mould or bacteria
  • Non-hygroscopic
Cavity Batt & CavityRoll
Cavity Batt CavityRoll

Handling and Storage Of Cavitybatt

Store CavityBatt and Cavitylite undercover and in dry conditions. Store flat. Handle with care, especially on the edges and corners, damaged if subject to sharp or heavy impact. 

*Rolls supplied 1200mm wide slit into 2 x 600mm sections.

How to Install Cavitybatt and Cavitylite

Batts and rolls are designed around the frame/stud system for easy installation. Therefore minimal tools are required. A sharp knife/blade will come in handy for off-cuts and slitting batts to fit over piping and conduits.

  1. Open packaging allows space for the initial immediate recovery of compressed products.

  2. Push individual batts or rolls firmly into the cavity space with glass tissue facing on the exposed side.

  3. Use a sharp knife to slit the product to encapsulate piping/conduits.


Install (51/63/102)mm thick self-supporting non-combustible lightweight, glass tissue faced Glasswool “Cavitybatt insulation”, offering a thermal resistance value of (1.34/1.66/2.68)m2.K/w for heat and acoustic control. Install strictly following the manufacturer’s detail and specification.