EnergyLite Insulation

Welcome to our comprehensive guide to Energylite insulation! In this article, we will explore the features, benefits, and applications of this insulation. Importantly it is an industrial Glasswool insulation product that is proudly made in South Africa. It is designed to provide energy-saving solutions while ensuring thermal comfort and non-combustibility. With its exceptional acoustic and thermal properties, Energylite Insulation is a versatile choice for various commercial and industrial applications. The product is manufactured by Isover one of the leading Insulation manufacturers on the planet.

Energylite Insulation: Energy-saving and Environmental Sustainability

One of the key advantages of Energylite insulation is its ability to save energy. By significantly reducing heat gain and loss, the insulation helps to create a more energy-efficient environment. Importantly it reduces electricity consumption and also lowers carbon emissions, contributing to a more sustainable future.

Energylite is manufactured using a non-combustible Glasswool bonded with an inert thermosetting resin. It is fully compliant with ISO 9001:2015 quality management standards, ensuring consistent performance and reliability. Additionally, the production process follows ISO 14001:2015 environmental sustainability guidelines, promoting the use of less material, energy, and emissions. As a result, the insulation has zero ozone-depleting potential (ODP) and zero global warming potential (GWP), making it an eco-friendly choice.

Thermal Comfort and Fire Safety Of EnergyLite Insulation

Energylite insulation offers exceptional thermal properties, creating a comfortable indoor environment. Whether it’s keeping the heat out during summer or retaining warmth in colder months, insulation helps to maintain a consistent and pleasant temperature. This not only enhances occupant comfort but also reduces the reliance on heating and cooling systems, leading to energy savings.

Ensuring fire safety is crucial in any building. Energylite is non-combustible and has been rigorously tested to meet the requirements of SANS 10177 Part 5. This means that it will not contribute to the spread of fire, providing an additional layer of protection and peace of mind.

Acoustic Properties for Enhanced Indoor Environmental Quality

In addition to its thermal benefits, Energylite insulation offers exceptional acoustic properties. It absorbs noise, reducing sound transmission to and from a room or building. This helps to create a quieter and more comfortable indoor environment, enhancing productivity and well-being. Whether it’s in commercial buildings, compressor houses, or machine rooms, it can effectively improve acoustical comfort.

Applications of Energylite Insulation

Energylite insulation is a versatile product that finds applications in various industries. Let’s explore some specific use cases:

Commercial Buildings

The insulation is available in a range of batts and blankets. Making it suitable for thermal and acoustic control in commercial buildings. Whether it’s offices, retail spaces, or educational institutions, this insulation can enhance energy efficiency and create a comfortable environment for occupants.

Industrial Thermal Insulation

For industrial applications with temperatures up to 350°C, Energylite insulation provides effective thermal insulation. It helps to conserve and control heat in boilers, tanks, ductwork, ovens, and other equipment. By reducing heat loss, the insulation promotes energy efficiency and improves the overall performance of industrial systems.

Conservation of Heat

Energylite insulation plays a crucial role in conserving heat in various settings. Insulating hot water tanks and pipes prevents heat loss and reduces the energy required to maintain hot water temperatures. This helps to save on electricity costs and minimize the environmental impact of water heating.

Acoustical Correction

In compressor houses and machine rooms, noise can be a significant concern. The insulation offers effective acoustical correction by absorbing noise and reducing sound transmission. This creates a quieter and more comfortable working environment for employees.

Durability and Compatibility

Energylite insulation is designed to be durable and compatible with standard building materials and components. It is odourless, and inert, and will not promote steel, copper, or aluminium corrosion. Additionally, it will not sustain vermin or breed fungi, mould, or bacteria. With proper installation and maintenance, the insulation can provide long-lasting performance and protection.

Installation and Handling

Proper installation is essential for maximizing the benefits of Energylite insulation. It is recommended to refer to the technical solutions centre for detailed installation instructions. When handling the insulation, it should be stored under cover and in dry conditions. Care should be taken to avoid sharp or heavy impacts that could damage the product. Excessive pressure should not be applied, as it can cause permanent damage. Following these guidelines will ensure the longevity and effectiveness of Energylite insulation.

Physical Properties and Technical Specifications

Energylite insulation is available in different densities, thicknesses, and dimensions to suit various applications. The following table provides an overview of some product variations:

EnergyLite 24Kg3 Rolls Dimensions & Specifications

Product NameDensity (kg/m3)Thickness (mm)Dimensions (mm) Qty/Pack (Rolls)K-value (W/m.k)R-value (m2/K.W)
Energylite® 24242510m x 1.2m 10.036 
Energylite® 2424408m x 1.2m 10.0361.11
Energylite® 2424505m x 1.2m 10.0361.39

EnergyLite 47.5Kg3 Rolls Dimensions & Specifications

Product NameDensity (kg/m3)Thickness (mm)Dimensions (mm) Qty/Pack (Rolls)K-value (W/m.k)R-value (m2/K.W)
Energylite® 47.547.52510m x 1.2m 10.0320.78
Energylite® 47.547.5408m x 1.2m 10.0321.25
Energylite® 47.547.54505m x 1.2m 10.0321.56

EnergyLite 64Kg3:  Rolls Dimensions & Specifications

Product NameDensity (kg/m3)Thickness (mm)Dimensions (mm) Qty/Pack (Rolls)K-value (W/m.k)R-value (m2/K.W)
Energylite® 64642510m x 1.2m 10.0320.78
Energylite® 6464408m x 1.2m 10.0321.25
Energylite® 6464505m x 1.2m 10.0321.56


Please note that the thermal conductivity and R-value of Energylite insulation may vary depending on the temperature and thickness. It is essential to refer to the specific technical data sheet for accurate information.


Energylite insulation is a reliable and high-performance solution for energy efficiency, thermal comfort, and acoustic control. With its non-combustible nature, it provides added safety in buildings. The versatility makes it suitable for a wide range of applications in commercial and industrial settings. By choosing this insulation, you can enjoy the benefits of energy savings, environmental sustainability, and improved indoor environmental quality.