insulation products for drywalling

Insulation Products for Drywalling

The most popular construction for office walls is drywall partitioning, with the freedom to add or remove drywalling to fit the desired option at any time. For the most part, shopping malls will utilise drywalling as partitioning between shops; as a result, shop sizes and layouts can be changed to suit client requirements. For the most part drywalling is a quick, easy option for creating a stunning working environment. However, drywalling must include Insulation Products for Drywalling for security and comfort.

Many modern wooden homes or Newtec homes consist of drywall in the house’s structure. For this reason, all outward-facing walls must have the appropriate thermal Insulation for home comfort and energy saving. Additionally, all internal walls need thermal and acoustic Insulation to reduce noise pollution between rooms.

Types of Insulation Products For Drywalling

The three major insulation products for drywalling are Thermal Insulation, Acoustic Insulation & Fire damage prevention insulation.

CavityBatt insulation installed in new home

Thermal Insulation For Drywall Partitioning

Thermal Insulation for drywall partitioning improves the indoor temperature in the home or office. Heat flow loss or gain will affect the indoor temperature on hot, sunny, or cold winter days. It is essential to add Thermal Insulation to all exterior walls.

For this reason, installing thermal Insulation between the drywalling will allow for a more comfortable home or office. In this case, thermal Insulation will improve indoor temperature substantially.

In particular, the correct thermal Insulation will be more effective than traditional brick and mortar.

cavitybatt insulation
Cavitybatt insulation boards 600x1200mm

Acoustic & Soundproofing Insulation For Drywall Partitioning

Installing drywalling without insulation results in noise transfer between rooms. In particular, the office board room is where confidential discussions take place as others will hear conversations. Additionally, fitting an acoustic suspended ceiling will create substantial acoustic benefits.

Cavitylite an Insulation product for drywalling
Cavitylite an Insulation product for drywalling

Soundproofing Insulation For Drywalling

As a rule, drywalling consists of two sheets of gypsum boards fitted and spaced between 50mm up to 100mm apart. As a result, conversation and noise will travel through the walls with ease. To stop or reduce the noise transfer between the walls, soundproofing or acoustic Insulation must be fitted.

Correctly insulated walls will be as good or even better than traditional brick and mortar in reducing noise flow.

Fire Proofing For Drywalling

Considering many shops have drywalling as the boundary between units, fire risk is a problem. Most shops have an array of products that will quickly burn. For this reason, it is essential to fit a wall that will not allow the natural spread of fire.

Fire Rated Gypsum Boards and Insulation

For this reason, RhinoBoard or Gyprock Boards have a fire rating as non-combustible. Additionally, Insulation between the walls must also be non-combustible. Consequently, we can slow the fire down long enough for authorities to attend to the fire. Importantly a time rating is available for best results.