Isoboard Ceilings

Are you looking for a beautiful, high-quality ceiling that will save you energy? Isoboard Ceilings are the perfect solution!

They are aesthetically pleasing with the tongue and groove finish and silky smooth white finish and have excellent thermal insulating properties.

You will not have to worry about your energy bills anymore! Isoboard Ceilings have an installed R-value and an aged R-value.

50mm Isoboard Ceiling Price

IsoBoard is a high-density thermal ceiling available from 25mm / 80mm thickness. Above all, Isoboard Ceilings are aesthetically pleasing with the tongue and groove finish and silky smooth white finish. Accordingly, Isoboard Ceilings do not require painting, and the white colour will not readily fade.

Isoboard Thermal Ceilings are not only good-looking, but they also save energy. As a result of the high-density 32-36Kg3, the Isoboard sheets have excellent thermal insulating properties. Isoboard Ceilings have an installed R-value and an aged R-value.

Isoboard Applications

  • Ideal modern Ceilings
  • Over purlin applications
  • Insulate between wall cavities in new homes
  • Underfloor insulation in new homes

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Isoboard Ceiling For Your Home

Firstly Isoboard Ceilings are available in several thicknesses from 25-80mm. Secondly, these ceiling boards are available in lengths from 1.8m up to 8m. In particular, these ceilings will reduce the insulation requirements as all Isoboard thicknesses have an R-value.

The most common thickness installed is 40mm. The R-value of 1.60 will allow for a reduced roof insulation R-value. However, it is advisable to fit the correct thickness ceiling insulation and preferably exceed the R-value of 3.70. Above all, having more thermal insulation in the roof space will give you a lifetime of energy savings.


Isoboard Over Purlins

Fit Isoboard above roof purlins below sheeting reduce the roof space’s heat, resulting in a more comfortable home indoor temperature.


Isoboard Between Walls

Fit Isoboard in wall cavity space for improved indoor temperature. Ideally, the ceiling boards are pushed into the wall cavity space as the brickwork occurs.


Isoboard Under Floor Insulation

Underfloor insulation is an effective solution in cold climates. In these applications, we reduce the cold, underfloor temperature from entering the home. We fit the XPS ceiling boards before the concrete floor slab is laid.


DIY Isoboard Ceilings

One of the features of Isoboard is that an above-average DIY enthusiast can easily tackle this job. We are in the process of creating a DIY video for the handyman or lady. The Isoboard Isopine panels with the T&G finish are 600mm wide and available at various lengths.

Above all, Isoboard Ceiling is an Extruded Polystyrene board XPS. The ceilings are clean and straightforward to work for most applications. Consequently, with the 600mm width of the sheets, the work speed is quick and clean. As a result, the boards are fitted comfortably and easily with one helper.

For example, a single garage is completed in a few hours with no mess. In particular, the job is clean and neat.
Isoboard Ceilings are fitted one 600mm sheet at a time. A 6m long office will need ten sheets. With the T&G, finish each board clips into the other for simple fitting.


Isoboard Ceilings Fire Safety

Isoboard has a BB 1/2 fire rating. Consequently, Isoboard will not sustain a flame. However, in a fire in the roof space, the Isoboard will not support a flame. Installing Aerolite Insulation with a class AA 1/1 fire rating will give a fire-resistant barrier.

Surprise Your Family With Stunning Isoboard

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Types Of Ceilings Isoboard ceiling
XPS Summit Boards Fitted Between Walls
XPS under floor slab installation


Isoboard Aesthetics

IsoBoard is a bright white surface which can be easily painted and stained with water-based products. The “Isopine” option has 100mm centre grooves routed down the length of each board to imitate a T&G wood panel effect.

They were cleaning unpainted Isoboard with a feather duster when necessary. 


Isoboard is Resistant To Water

Water does not readily affect Isoboard Ceilings; they are successfully used in bathrooms, kitchens, and indoor swimming pools. In the event of a roof leak, Isoboard will not absorb water.

IsoBoard has performed extensive modelling of various buildings to assess the level of thermal resistance (and equivalent thickness of IsoBoard) to achieve comfort with minimum energy usage and affordable cost.


Benefits Of Isoboard

  • Installing an Isopine or Isoboard ceiling is a clean, relatively dust-free application.
  • Isoboard XPS ceilings are high-density thermal insulation and stunning ceiling all in one. 
  • Water leaks do not easily affect XPS ceilings. 
  • XPS Isopine ceilings have an awesome R-value to improve the indoor temperature in the home.
  • The XPS Isoboard require no painting, and the product does not readily fade.
  • Installing T&G Isoboard Ceilings will give a lifetime of home comfort and good looks.


Disadvantages of Isoboard XPS Ceilings

As we know, XPS is not an excellent option for soundproofing. We recommend installing 135mm Aerolite insulation or 135mm Knauf Ecose Insulation above the Isoboard. Not only will these insulation products stop all noise from entering the home. Significantly they will improve the home’s R-value substantially, resulting in a more comfortable home in summer and a warmer home in winter.


Isoboard and XPS Ceiling Applications

Isoboard Ceilings are ideal for all-order homes as they are also considered thermal ceilings. For this reason, We can reduce the thermal insulation required by the SANS legislation. 

Isobaord can also be fitted in office blocks with drywall partitioning

In many new homes builds, the Isoboard XPS is also fitted in the cavity space of the brickwork to create a thermally effective home. For more information on types of ceilings options, read this post.

Isoboard Installation

Installing Isoboard is relatively simple if you are a more advanced DIY person. The boards are either plain or with a tongue and groove finish similar to the old knotty pine ceiling boards.

  1. Measure the length of the Ceiling Board
  2. Before cutting the ceiling board, we must deduct approximately 40mm from the total length.
  3. Add XPS glue to the purlins.
  4. Lift the ceiling board in place and fit steel support clips.
  5. Add the next Ceiling board, and before you know it, the Ceiling is done. 

Isoboard Installers

When hiring Isoboard Installers, we suggest getting some references. Many DIY installers believe they know how to install; however, if you want the Ceiling to be perfect, you will need someone with Isoboard experience, as some tips and tricks are essential for a great finish. Give us a call for any Ceiling applications you may have.

Isoboard Thermal Ceilings

XPS Ceilings are stunning to look at and great for improving the indoor temperature in the house. How do these ceilings improve the indoor temperature in the home, you may ask? Well, these Ceilings have an R-value based on the thickness of the XPS. The thicker the Isoboard Ceiling the better the r-value.  

Isoboard Ceiling Specifications

  • Isoboard Isopine finish is a 100mm tongue and groove ceiling. The Natural Isoboard colour is white. As a result, there is no need for painting.
  • Cut Lengths 1.8m minimum size to 8m. Cut lengths are available in 600mm increments.
  • Thickness 25mm / 30mm / 40mm / 50mm / 80mm
  • Density 32Kg3 – 36Kg3
  • Water resistant

When installing Isoboard in conjunction with Thermal Insulation to achieve the required R-value, it is important to note the Isoboard has a current r-value and an aged R-value.

Essentially the Isoboard R-value reduces with age. As a result, the aged R-value is applied to get the best thermal insulation results.

Isoboard R-value with Fully Aged R-value

30mm Isoboard

90 Days Aged R-value @ 1.250

Fully Aged R-value     @ 1.0

40mm Isoboard

90 Days Aged R-value @ 1.667

Fully Aged R-value     @ 1.33

50mm Isoboard

90 Days Aged R-value @ 2.083

Fully Aged R-value     @ 1.667

60mm Isoboard

90 Days Aged R-value @ 2.50

Fully Aged R-value     @ 2.00

Isoboard Ceiling FAQs

These ceilings are Thermal Ceilings. 

Unlike traditional ceiling boards that have little or no R-value Isoboard on the other hand is a thermal ceiling that will make the home warmer in winter and cooler in summer.

These Ceilings can be installed in all new homes and office blocks.

The three best benefits of Isoboard are: 

Firstly the are classified as a thermal Ceiling. Secondly they are water resistant they are not affected by water leaks. And lastly they do not need to be painted.

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