Knotty Pine ceilings are old-style wooden ceilings boards for homes. However, the modern-day version of the old knotty pine ceilings is high-density white XPS Ceilings. Isopine Ceiling boards are 600 wide with the groove joints at 100mm. We supply the Isopine Ceilings in 30mm, 40mm and 50mm standard thermal ceiling boards. We also offer Isopine as 80mm thick on order.

Isopine Ceiling Boards

Isopine Ceiling Boards are 28 to 32Kg3 density XPS Thermal Ceilings. We fit these stunning ceilings in homes and offices. Isopine Ceilings are the only Thermal Ceilings available on the market. 

Isopine Ceiling Benefits

  • Stunning clean XPS finish
  • Isopine has great Thermal Insulation Benefits
  • Cooler In Summer
  • Warmer in winter
  • It does not absorb water
  • Save energy on heating and cooling

Disadvantages Of Isopine

The only disadvantage of Isopine Ceilings is external noise. However, we can easily fix it by adding 135mm Aerolite  Insulation or the 135mm Knauf Ecose Insulation. Although XPS Ceilings have a Thermal R-value, they are insufficient to achieve the required R-value of 3.70. For this reason, we must install either Aerolite or Knauf Ecose Insulation. 

By adding 135mm Aerolite Insulation, Acoustic Suspended Ceiling Tiles we have great Thermal Insulating benefits and Soundproofing.

Isopine R-value

30mm Isopine Ceilings

40mm Isopine Ceilings

50mm Isopine Ceilings

60mm Isopine Ceilings

70mm Isopine Ceilings

80mm Isopine Ceilings