Rhinoboard Ceilings

RhinoBoard Ceilings are low-cost ceilings and are fitted in most homes. Rhinoboard Gyprock ceilings are also known as Gypsum board, drywall or plasterboard.

For thousands of years, plaster produced from sand, animal hair and lime has been used in buildings and walls.

Rhinoboard ceiling and wall panels consist of stiff brown paper with white plaster on the inside.

Rhinoboard Ceiling and Wall Applications

RhinoBoard ceilings are manufactured in three sizes, 6mm—9 mm and 12mm thickness.

  • 6mm Ceilings: The standard ceiling board for most homes.
  • 9mm Gyprock Ceilings: Installed in homes with plastered ceiling applications
  • 12.5mm Gyprock: The perfect drywall partitioning boards
  • Suspended Ceiling Panels: Manufactured in 600×600 or 1200×600 suspended ceiling panels.