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At Cape Ceilings and Drywalling, we pride ourselves on delivering exceptional craftsmanship without breaking the bank. We specialize in Drywall Partitioning,Ceilings and Suspended Ceilings a niche in which we’ve truly made our mark, becoming a recognized market leader. Our journey to this esteemed position wasn’t overnight, it was a result of years of experience, hard work, and an unwavering passion for what we do.

We have proven ourselves to be fierce competitors, not just by surviving but thriving in a challenging marketplace. Our secret? Simple – our dedication to converting your aspirations into tangible reality and our passion for the craft that we have perfected over the years. We never see a project as just another job; rather, it’s an opportunity for us to create, innovate, and deliver beyond your expectations.

Whether you need Drywall Partitioning or Ceilings, we assure you the best deal in town. But we don’t just stop at offering competitive pricing. We strive to provide unmatched quality and an impeccable finish that stands as a testament to our expertise. Ceilings & Drywalling is not just our service – it’s our craft, our passion, and our promise of excellence.

The team at Cape Ceilings and Drywalling is always ready to assist you with your needs. Reach out today and experience firsthand why we are one of the most successful competitors in the market. Let us transform your dreams into reality with our superior craftsmanship and competitive pricing. Because at Cape Ceilings and Drywalling, your satisfaction is our success!

Ceiling Installers

Cape Ceilings and Drywalling

Our passion at Cape Ceilings and Drywalling is what we do—transforming your dream into reality. We have many years of experience in our field, offering the best pricing on the market.

  1. Drywalling: We create Drywall Partitioning for offices, spare bedrooms, shops and more.
  2. Isoboard Ceilings: We sell Isobord XPS ceilings as well as install them. If you want the best ceiling on the market, think Isoboard XPS. 
  3. Suspended Ceilings: Cape Ceilings and Drywall fit all types of suspended ceiling options.
  4. Thermal Insulation:  We install and supply Aerolite Insulation and Knauf Ecose Insulation in ceilings.
  5. Ceiling Vacuum: Our ceiling vacuum service is one of a kind. Our industrial vacuum machine stands outside the home with the pipes going into the roof space.

Our Services

Soundproof Drywall Partitioning

Drywall Partitioning

Transform your space with our versatile drywalling service. Create custom rooms and partitions tailored to your needs. Whether you desire a private study area or separate bathing quarters, our drywall can do it all. Experience the flexibility and functionality of drywalling today.

30mm Isoboard XPS Ceilings


Transform your space with Isoboard Ceilings. This high-quality insulation board, manufactured in South Africa since 1970, guarantees consistency and durability. Perfect for drywalling and partitioning, it meets global standards and elevates the comfort of any room.

RhinoBoard Gyprock Ceilings

RhinoBoard Ceilings

Have you ever wanted to install your custom ceiling solution? You can get anything from a simple, flat surface finish up through decorative plasterwork and frescos. We offer different types of finishes for every room in any home improvement project:

Suspended ceilings for office with lights

Suspended Ceilings

The Suspended Ceiling is a great way to give your office the suspended feel without all those pesky cables. Not only will it provide you with soundproofing and insulation, but most importantly - an aesthetic! If this sounds good, what do you think about installing some today?

Soundproofing Between Walls with Drywalling

SoundProofing Walls

Soundproof your walls with our innovative sound barrier solution. Perfect for offices, doctors' surgeries, and more, our product effectively reduces noise without compromising air circulation or electricity flow. Experience peace and quiet like never before with our soundproofing walls.

What Makes Us Different?

Our Passion For Perfection

Our work is our passion. We will make your dream a reality.

Affordable rates

Our rates are the best in the market. Our bulk buying and importing of certain products give us an advantage.

certified & experienced

All our staff are highly qualified and full time employees. All our workmanship carries a five year guarantee.

customer satisfaction

We have been blessed with many return clients as well as Builders and Developers that we work with over the years.

No Job Is Too Small

One of the most important things we have learned over the many tears in our industry is that all clients are equal big or small. 

If you have a little job or a big job that needs to be done you can be sure to get the best service and quality.

What Our Clients Say

We would love to thank the team that completed our braai room project while we were away. Fantastic job and would will recommend your company anytime.
David Hall
Peter we would like to take the opportunity to thank you guys for the wonderful service we received, In particular fitting us in at this time of the year
Beverly Antione
Dont know how to even start this. You guys rock. The Drywalling was fantastic and the service all round was something not found often in these modern days.
Bill & Brenda

Ready to Transform Your Space?

Our professional team is here to give your home a fresh new look. If you have an idea give us a call. We will make your dreams become a reality.

Our expert straff will what you think is impossible become a reality. Wether you need  a special ceiling or Drywalling we have a solution for any application