Ceilings for office blocks and homes

Types Of Ceilings

Not all ceilings are equal. Many types of Ceilings are available worldwide and in South Africa. In South Africa, we have several options that most ceiling installers will not install as the ceiling product is inferior or has a short lifespan. So let’s look at a few types of ceilings that homeowners approve of.

Types Of Ceilings

The most popular ceilings that offer a long lifespan are as follows.

  1. Isoboard Thermal Ceilings
  2. Gyprock or RhinoBoard Ceilings
  3. Suspended Ceilings
  4. Acoustic Ceilings

Other ceiling options include PVC ceilings. Unfortunately, we will not install these ceilings as they are not ideal for a long lifespan. Also, the quality and finish are poor.

Types Of Ceilings xps Isoboard ceiling
Types Of Ceilings XPS Isoboard ceiling

Isoboard Ceiling XPS Type Of Ceilings

Isoboard XPS ceilings are undoubtedly one of the most advanced for homes and offices. These ceilings are classified as thermal insulation ceilings. High-density Isoboard XPS 28-32Kg3 means these ceiling boards will substantially reduce heat flow into the house via the roof space.

Isoboard Ceilings are installed in many new homes today. The Tongue and Groove finish looks similar to the old Knotty Pine ceilings. However, the finish is a stunningly smooth, clean white. Importantly Isoboard ceilings do not require painting, as they will not fade with time.

Advantages Of Isoboard Ceilings

  1. Isoboard thermal ceilings are the only ceilings that offer a thermal insulation benefit.
  2. Long lifespan
  3. XPS ceilings are not do not absorb water
  4. Isoboard do not require painting
  5. Installing Isoboard ceilings is a quick clean operation

Disadvantages of XPS Isoboard

The only disadvantage of Isoboard is noise pollution. However, the solution fits a roof insulation layer that will stop all noise from entering the room. Read more on Isoboard ceilings here.

RhinoBoard Or Gyprock Ceiling Types

These Gyprock ceilings have been on the market for many years. The ceiling looks like chalk with thick brown paper laminated on both sides. Without a doubt, RhinoBoard or Gyprock ceilings are great ceilings. They still have their place in the modern world, and these ceilings are trendy.

Advantages Of RhinoBoard or Gyprock Ceilings

  1. Lower cost to install
  2. Less noise pollution

Disadvantages Of RhinoBoard

  1. They are affected by water. The ceilings will warp or collapse in the event of a water leak in the roof space.
  2. Increased labour cost installing rhino board
  3. Increased labour cost
  4. All Rhinoboard ceilings must be skimmed and painted, Thereby increasing installation time.
Suspended Ceiling Grid
The support for suspended ceilings

Suspended Ceilings

The suspended ceiling option is ideal for office blocks and shopping centres because the boundary walls and sizes of the space change regularly; the Suspended ceiling option is the most cost-effective. Suspended Ceilings are used in most shopping centres, hospitals and office blocks.

A suspended ceiling is a grid section, as shown in the diagram above. These consist of straight and cross tees. In most cases, the Ceiling grid is fitted for use with 600x1200mm ceiling boards. However, there are also 600×600 boards for special applications.

Types Of Suspended Ceiling Boards

There are many types of suspended Ceiling boards on the market. However, the most common are either acoustic ceiling boards or the standard Gyprock ceiling boards.

Acoustic Ceiling Boards

An acoustic ceiling panel are designed to create a better acoustic sound and soundproofing with additional insulation fitted above. In most cases, the Acoustic ceiling panels are supplied in offices, doctors’ rooms and office boardrooms.

Gyprock Ceiling Panels

Gyprock panels are available in several finishes to suit individual needs.

Ceiling Board Sizes

  1. Isoboard Ceiling Boards are 600mm wide with a maximum length of 8m
  2. Rhinoboard Ceiling Boards are available in 900mm wide and 1200mm wide

PVC Types Of Ceilings

Unfortunately, we do not install PVC ceilings. The plastic look of PVC is a low-quality ceiling board that is not popular.

Disadvantages Of PVC Ceilings

  • PVC Ceilings are flammable and do not have the lifespan of traditional ceilings
  • High gloss finish
  • Plastic-type ceiling
  • Low lifespan